What Our Customers Have to Say…

 “I have a couple of Mike’s hats in beaver and they are top notch. His work and materials are just as good as other custom hatters who charge double or triple what Mike does.”

“Fine hats, great people, and great service. Highly recommended.”

“Absolutely brilliant…Mike worked with me to create exactly what I was after, and I’m amazed. The size is spot on, the design is stunning, the felt quality is amazing, and the speed of it all, and the price, are just the best I’ve seen out thee.”

“Knowledgeable and friendly owner does terrific work. Great quality revolving seasonal products. Wonderful collection of classic style. Relaxing vintage atmosphere.”

“Mike is not only a quality person but his service and hats are top shelf.”

“Superior quality and at a price that is unmatched! Customer service - Northwest Hats is top notch all around!”

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Alex - I really like my Indy hat!